Unipole Projects- Jeddah

We implemented these projects in collaboration with Abdul Latif Jameel Official (ALJ)- a renowned organization recognized as a pioneer in outdoor advertising in Saudi Arabia. ALJ has a network of prominent billboard signs in all major cities in the region, providing incredible reach to brands and businesses.


Why Choose Us?

Combining our skill and expertise in the art of digital signage and ALJ’s network of billboard signs in the region, we were able to create and install numerous digital Unipole signs across the city of Jeddah- KSA. Our partners can now leverage these signs in order to reach their customers and target audiences in effective, targeted or national campaigns in Saudi Arabia.

Unipoles are some of the most effective mediums to amplify brands and are used extensively by organizations all over the world. The most striking feature of these signs are their significant height. Unipoles utilize their height for superior visibility, instantly drawing the attention of potential customers over great distances. Digital Unipole signs have the added advantage of being flexible in the kind of content they can display, and as a result are far more sustainable options when it comes to high-impact advertising. In the case of our installations in Jeddah, the Unipole signs have been proven to exponentially increase the levels of brand awareness and recall given that they were placed in key points of traffic in the city.


Key Benefits

  • Guarantee exposure from long distances
  • Exponentially increase brand recall/awareness
  • Digital Unipoles are flexible and sustainable advertising mediums
  • Guaranteed excellent brand visibility during both night and day

Other Projects