Complete Digital Signage Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia

Replace old-fashioned printed sign boards with digital display screens and enjoy the flexibility of updating content remotely, streaming unlimited animated content, running time-scheduled campaigns and much more.

Our bespoke digital signage solutions allow brands to capture the attention of customers in creative and engaging ways. We are experts in creating customized LCD and LED screens around structures such as pillars, corners, bulkheads and so on. No shape is too complex!

The industry-leader in digital technology, ProSigns brings you digital signage for all kinds of communication and marketing purposes. With the right tools, we can help you easily broadcast your information and advertisements anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Choosing ProSigns

Choosing ProSigns for your digital signage requirements means that you’re partnering with one of the best digital signage manufacturers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia. Having worked with multiple industries across the Middle East, we know how to overcome the technical challenges to bring your content to life. With the right resources, latest technology and deep knowledge, we can easily handle your project from ground up including hardware selection, system integration, content creation, storage management, deployment, training and technical support. 

ProSigns Advantage:

  • Proven and scalable technology
  • World-class digital display solutions
  • Easy content management and scheduling
  • Custom-created content
  • Installation across Saudi Arabia
  • Dedicated 24/7 assistance

Our Digital signage solutions can enhance the reach of your business and connect your brand with the right audience.

  • Increase customer attention by 10 times
  • Display animated content
  • Reduce your customer’s in-store waiting time
  • Update fresh content in a second, without hassles
  • Better communication with customers and employees
  • Cut printings and advertisement costs
  • Engage your customer with the right communication
  • Allows remote management

Types of Digital Signage

At ProSigns, we aim to equip your business with smart communication capabilities. Therefore, we bring you digital signage solutions to help you captivate and inspire customers, improve customer satisfaction, enhance customer service and to keep both your internal and external  communications going. To this end, we offer a plethora of options, including:

  • Digital displays screens
  • Digital advertising screens
  • Digital scoreboards
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital sign board
  • Digital kiosk displays
  • Video wall screens
  • Indoor & outdoor LED displays
  • Commercial digital signage

If you’re looking for any of these solutions or other cutting edge digital display solutions to amplify your brand message, let’s talk today. Call us on +966 12 6190 223

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