Smashbox- Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh

Smashbox is a popular makeup brand that was born in a Los Angeles photo studio and put to the test by a team of professional makeup artists and photographers. From the outset it was clear that their primers, foundations, and lipsticks (all made cruelty-free) were the secret to creating aesthetic images. Inspired by the unexpected success of their cosmetics, this brand now creates high-quality, super-comfortable products that allow people to look gorgeous any time, on or off duty, in front of the camera or behind the lens.


Why Choose Us?

We collaborated with Smashbox to create a truly engaging and aesthetically unique shopfront experience. The entrance to the store, which can be found at Al Nakheel Mall- Riyadh, is impossible to miss, thanks to our illuminated static signage displays that guarantee a high degree of visibility. As one ventures further into the store, they are greeted by our many internal signage installations- which greatly enhance the in-store aesthetic appeal and brand value for this cosmetics provider. The illuminated neon signage displays spread across multiple locations in the store are particularly notable for enhancing the chic and vibrant approach that this brand takes towards retail. We were especially proud of the neon display that occupied an entire wall of the store and consisted of the brand name and 20 carefully crafted neon signs. Another section of the store is dominated by a large illuminated sign, announcing the presence of this brand to all visitors. ProSigns Global are experts in implementing signage projects which are perfectly in line with brand guidelines. Smashbox is one of the many examples of our capabilities!


Key Benefits

  • Increased visibility through illuminated shopfront signage
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal and brand value caused by neon signage installations
  • Signage that complements the brand and amplifies its presence at a location

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