Sala Entewrtainment

Sala Entertainment is a Saudi company specialising in entertainment for all ages. The company owns a range of brands in the Kingdom, Egypt, and the United States of America.


Why Choose Us?

ProSigns Global partnered with Sala Entertainment to deliver indoor RGB lighting, static wayfinding signage, and LED screens for its Sala City location in Jeddah Park Mall. This is the fourth location that the team has collaborated with the client to deliver, including Sala City locations in Nakheel Mall, Dammam; Park Avenue, Riyadh, and The View Mall, Riyadh. The team is also providing ongoing support for lighting changes to the client.

The main feature of this project was the intelligent lighting system that can be found throughout the location. Working from the CAD drawings that were provided by the client, ProSigns Global’s design team measured the drawings and according to the specifications proposed which type of lighting would be most applicable to create the right experience for the visitor. The main type of lighting used is flexible RGB, which can be moulded to fit a range of shapes. Flexible RGB allows both for high quality LED lighting and easy customisation and installation in areas that include complex dimensions like curved walls.

The LED screens were installed in Sala City’s entertainment hubs, reception areas and customer service areas, enabling the client to display and customise their content easily depending on the promotional campaigns they wish to focus on. The LED screen chosen, the P3 Indoor LED screen, is also beneficial because of its screen quality, brightness and contrast ratio. The content on display can be viewed from all angles in high traffics areas, for example by visitors in a queue, and still display the same colour quality.


Key Benefits

  • Intelligent lighting solutions and ongoing support from ProSigns Global’s team allows the client to change the atmosphere of their entertainment areas easily, depending on the visitor experience they wish to create.
  • Brand consistency is maintained throughout all areas, thanks to content that the client can easily change on digital screens.
  • Combination of high-quality static signage with crisp LED screens ensures a seamless wayfinding solution to easily guide visitors through the venue’s key promotional touchpoints.

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