Octo Laser Tag, Al Nakheel Mall- Dammam

Octo Laser Tag is owned and operated by Sala Entertainment, an organization specializing in the high-end family entertainment industry. This company has implemented this unique concept across many of its locations in Saudi Arabia. Octo Laser Tag is a renowned brand in the region when it comes to recreational activities. The high-octane action and exciting ambience at these locations have made it a family favourite!

With branches that occupy sprawling areas in malls and shopping centers, Octo Laser Tag is the perfect place for an afternoon of fun. These gaming arcades are rapidly becoming the most popular centers for leisure and entertainment in the region.


Why Choose Us?

Our installations at this location illustrate our expertise as sign-makers. From the moment Octo Laser Tag’s storefront comes into view; the observer is greeted with a world class visual experience. A combination of static signage and intelligent RGB lighting solutions entice the viewer, announcing the presence of this brand in the area and inevitably drawing attention to this laser tag arena.

A series of LED and LCD screens can be found further inside this location. These screens are multipurpose in their use, providing this brand with tremendous flexibility in the content they can be used to play. The value that these installations give to visitors is immense- these screens can be used to display game scores, inform visitors about events and promotions, and mark areas of interest in Octo Laser Tag. This location is also home to our customized static signage: high-impact installations that raise brand awareness and drive customer traffic. We love the aluminum light fixtures with a rust-colored finish, the acrylic cut-out guns, and the halo-lit soldier we installed at this location!

Perhaps the most compelling example of our capabilities as a signage provider is the installation of our trademark intelligent RGB lighting solutions at locations like this one. These lighting solutions- expertly crafted by our inhouse technicians- allow for complete control over the color and brightness level of the illumination. The color palette used by these lighting fixtures is practically limitless, providing tremendous range in terms of ambience and different visual experiences. The entire installation can be controlled remotely by our clients using incredibly intuitive and user-friendly technology. Prosigns Global is the only organization in the region that has the skill and technical expertise to successfully deliver these RGB lighting solutions.


Key Benefits

  • Illuminated static signage installations that are bold and eye-catching, increasing brand awareness and drawing the attention of visitors
  • LED and LCD screen installations that can be used in a variety of applications from score keeping to advertising.
  • Intelligent RGB lighting solutions which are unique and unforgettable in their appearance, thus benefitting both the brand as well as the customer

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