A top Fortune 500 company Nike is one of the world’s most successful and recognised brands. It is globally, the largest supplier of athletic shoes and a major manufacturer of sports equipment employing approximately 50,000 people worldwide.


Why Choose Us?

We crafted the Nike swoosh logo in a single piece that gives it a flawless finish. We have supplied and installed static signage and digital displays for the brand’s stores across the G.C.C and hence have a complete understanding of the brand guidelines.

Our team of highly skilled fabricators ensured all details were finished with precision and the illumination levels matching the design intent, in order for the sign to be installed on the store facade.


Key Benefits

  • Trusted signage partners for one of the world’s most iconic brands
  • Quality controlled for even illumination across the sign
  • Built and installed as a single piece with no join lines/wires visible meaning the illuminated effect at night is crisp and clean
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