MUVI Cinemas

MUVI Cinemas is the first Saudi Arabian homegrown cinema brand. The cinema has plans to expand aggressively across the nation and become a local favorite. It also boasts the usage of the new Samsung Onyx LED screens that replaces the traditional projection technology and has higher operational efficiency in the long run.


Why Choose Us?

As ProSigns are regional pioneers in cinema brand integration and execution, this home-grown brand left its complete branding to us. Right from the parking wayfinding, to the ticketing experience, the cinema wayfinding, cinema viewing and leaving the cinema, we have fabricated and installed every brand element.  The package included static signs, wayfinding signs, customized LED Screens, column LED screens, digital menu boards and content management solution as well.


Key Benefits

  • Iconic google pin shaped LED wall clock that became a MUVI Cinema iconic symbol in their upcoming locations as well.
  • Customized Column LED screens with seamless picture quality with no lines/gaps visible.
  • Vibrant and unique suspended signs, digital menu boards and hero-screens create an attractive & welcoming experience

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