MUVI Cinemas

MuviCinemas is a homegrown Saudi brand that aims to become to the top national brand to nurture the Kingdom’s talent in the field of arts, media and entertainment. The company currently has cinemas in 9 Saudi cities. ProSigns Global partnered with MuviCinemas to produce and install a mixture of digital and static external and internal signage for the company’s Boulevard City location in Riyadh.


Why Choose Us?

ProSigns Global produced and installed the external and internal wayfinding signs and a series of LED and LCD screens throughout the cinema. This location is the 19th cinema in Saudi Arabia that we have collaborated with the client to deliver. The total time for production and installation took only two months.

The static internal wayfinding signage is used to indicate where public spaces such as the washrooms, entrances, and auditoriums are located. The internal wayfinding signage was constructed from a mixture of high-quality acrylic and aluminum.

The LED screen chosen for the location is the P3.07 Indoor LED screen with 800 nits brightness. The LED screens are located in the lobby of cinema, and the screen’s high contrast ratio and high brightness offer greater levels of brand exposure and visibility in a high-traffic area, where the content on the screens can be viewed as a crisp and clear display from a range of angles by all visitors. A series of 12 55-inch LCD screens with a push and pull bracket and media player was also installed by the ProSigns Global team to display changeable content such as film posters and promotional campaigns.

The ProSigns Global team also produced a fabric lightbox that can display completely adaptable visuals, such as movie posters, cinema logos, or other promotional material. The lightbox offers a low-cost way for the client to customise their promotional campaigns and also creates an analogue contrast in a digital environment.


Key Benefits

  • Mixture of digital and static signage creates an engaging experience for the visitor, allowing the client to display varying types of content.
  • Expert production and installation teams ensure high-quality service delivery and quick turnaround according to client timelines.
  • Brand consistency is created throughout the cinema location, thanks to a seamless wayfinding solution designed, produced, and installed by ProSign Global’s expert teams in the GCC.

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