Cadillac is one of the first automobile brands in the world which is also among the top tier luxury automobile brands in the United States. Owing to an early start, Cadillac is responsible for introducing to the world many game-changing features like designed styled bodywork, shatter-resistant glass and turret tops (all steel roof on a passenger car) etc.


Why Choose Us?

The Cadillac outlet was being launched at the iconic location – Madina Munawara Road making it a landmark outlet for the end client Al Jomiah Automotive Company. As a static signage manufacturer with a decade long experience in branding, ProSigns Global understood the prudence of this project. We were able to work in collaboration with the local Project Managers/contractors/the brand’s headquarters in the USA to delivery this project efficiently.


Key Benefits

  • Fabricated an external façade sign size of 2×8 meters (with a height of 8 meters from above the ground.)
  • Express installation on both sides completed in 2 nights as some signs were held up at customs that were sent from Cadillac in America just before opening day.

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