VOX Cinemas, Riyadh Park Mall

Owned by Majid Al Futtaim, VOX Cinemas is the cinema arm of the conglomerate- operating from over 50 locations totaling 514 screens in the MENA region. This multiplex offers a mix of experiences- tailoring every cinema location to the vibe of the surrounding business environments and consumer preferences. VOX Cinemas was the first in the region to introduce IMAX cinema technology.

This organization also offers multi-sensory viewing experiences like 4DX. With something to offer to every consumer segment, VOX Cinemas also adds value through cinemas dedicated to children and families- KIDS, as well as OUTDOOR which is an open-air concept. VOX Cinemas is one of the leading multiplex brands in the region and is implementing plans for rapid expansion over the next few years.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to creating signage for multiplex brands like VOX Cinemas, the key to success lies in creating outstanding visual experiences that captivate and delight visitors. We are proud to showcase our work in this project-knowing that this objective has been fulfilled. Immediately after arriving at this cinema, visitors are greeted by our eye-catching face-lit signage, indicating key locations, and increasing brand awareness. Placed at strategic points in the area, a set of customized LED screens provide tremendous value by displaying promotions and informing customers. Visitors walking towards their respective movie halls may even pause to examine the posters of upcoming movies, played through our digital displays lining the corridor on both sides. This location also boasts an array of interactive kiosks that provide value to customers through their incredible convenience and seamless interface when it comes to purchasing tickets.

Perhaps the most compelling example of our capabilities as a signage provider is the installation of our trademark intelligent RGB lighting solutions at locations like this one. These lighting solutions- expertly crafted by our inhouse technicians- allow for complete control over the color and brightness level of the illumination. The color palette used by these lighting fixtures is practically limitless, providing tremendous range in terms of ambience and different visual experiences. The entire installation can be controlled remotely by our clients using incredibly intuitive and user-friendly technology. Prosigns Global is the only organization in the region that has the skill and technical expertise to successfully deliver these RGB lighting solutions.


Key Benefits

  • The interactive kiosks provide great value and convenience to visitors at the cinema
  • The digital display installations utilize the flexibility and scope of the medium- displaying different content as and when required
  • The RGB lighting solutions are incredibly useful in creating the right ambience and visual experiences that are certain to delight movie-goers at VOX Cinemas

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